London – March 2013

I have an exam tomorrow. But, it’s raining. I feel a little cold. Cold, now, will always remind me of London. It was drizzling the night I landed. The person who came to pick me up (a relative) took me on a walking tour of the city right from the airport. We got off the train. It was Hyde Park, I think. Then, Buckingham Palace. The back of Westminster Abbey. The Millennium Eye. All closed and dark.

A red post-box. A red telephone booth.

My wet shoes.

Then, I remember wine.




And, then I remember snow. But, it was probably the next day. Someone said how unusual it is in March.

Everything is unusual in March.

I took this photograph the next day. I usually struggle with my photography but I like this one. More than any other.

It is a cold photograph.

I like weather in photography.


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